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Welcome to our cruising site. - Sailing Vessel Freedom - a Gemini 105 - Jim and Deb Faughn

Sailing Vessel (S/V)

Cruising Logs for
Jim and Deb Faughn

Latest Log - 8-3-16 Google has pronounced my site free from malware. Great, now to find something new to write about...... Maybe I'll keep people up-to-date on my development of new Online Classes for TrueCourse Captains School. I'm working on a Renewal Course right now!

Freedom's Spot Location - NEW - This should take you to a map showing where we have pressed our Spot showing our GPS location for the last few times.

Older Logs - This includes all of our older logs.

Johnston Studios and Gallery - NEW - This is an updated description of the Lost Wax process kept alive in Little Harbour by Pete and many others near Pete's Pub and Gallery.

Preparations - Thoughts about leaving our jobs and preparing the boat for the adventure.

Articles - Articles published about us. The latest - our 1st year reflection

Crew, Boat, and Projects

The Crew - Jim and Deb Faughn along with Parrot Head Jimmy Buffett

Our Boat - A Performance Cruising, 1996 Gemini 105M Catamaran

Projects - Projects completed on our Gemini 105M

Anchorages and Dinghy Docks in the Florida Keys
- My gift to cruisers of the Keys

Budget - What does it cost to go Cruising? We will tell your our costs. Latest update - December 13, 2009

Maintenance Log - Log of maintenance performed.

Recipes - We will be putting recipes we have created or found in our travels here that I like for the boat


Where Are We Going?

Where Is S/V Freedom? - This link takes you to a new page to show you our location as of our last web site update.  UPDATED Dec 1, 09

Cruising Times and Distances - Time and distance for each day moving.

The Plan - Information about the flexible plan established in the fall of 2006


Places To Visit
- These are some of our favorite places we have visited.

KR Related - Before leaving to go cruising, I built and flew the Rand Robinson KR-2 you see to the left.

Miscellaneous - These are links that aren't cruising related and I wanted to keep from my other web site - or - I just wanted to save.

Paul's Redwing 23 - A friend of mine built his own boat. You can see the project from start to completion! He's done and it works great.

Prancer - Prancer sold and went to Washington State.

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Web Page by Jim Faughn