Auxiliary Bilge Pump - Gemini 105

I have a friend, Gary, who owns Zipadedoda. Previously, he owned a Gemini 3200. On one trip offshore, he hit a 4x4 that was old and barely floating on the surface. This holed his boat and he had to do a quick patch job with a life preserver to slow the water down and get back to shore. He was about 10 miles offshore at the time when the accident happened.

So, I decided that I needed a big bilge pump but I didn't want to put holes in the hull for outlets. I also wanted a BIG pump and BIG pumps just won't stand up in the bottom of the hulls. So, I decided that I would make up a pump system that could be placed into either hull and then run the water out the door and over the back of the boat with the proper size hose.

I picked out a 2200 gph bilge pump, appropriate size hose and the right size wiring. I already have a plug installed by the refrigerator for high current 12V accessories. So, all I really needed to do is to get the parts, assemble them and then store it all and hope I will never have to use it!

After finishing the assembly, I decided I also needed to test it. I was able to pump out a five gallon bucket of fresh water in about 4 seconds. The other good news was that it just fit in the port hull.

In addition to this BIG pump, I also have 2 nerf footballs stored in swiss replica watches this hull along with an assortment of "bungs" which are plugs to put in holes. We are ready for our offshore adventures and again, hopefully we will never need any of it. Well, maybe those nerf footballs for games at the beach.

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