Mast Climbing

The first time I sent my wife up the mast I figured out it would be the last time. She is 4'11 and doesn't weigh very much so I knew that I would need to be able to get up the mast by myself. I decided there should be an option that would be suitable for me so I went to a climbing store and asked - If I want to make a vertical assent without aid, what should I use. They gave me lots of disclaimers about needing to be trained etc but we came up with a set of Jumars and a climbing ladder. I use one Jumar on a line that I run up the halyard so I won't damage the halyard and the line is the right size for the Jumar. The second Jumar I attach to the boson chair. I modified the climbing ladder by cutting off the bottom rung and sewing it next to the top rung so I could stand on both when working at the top. This is real easy, you just climb up the rungs, slide up the boson chair, sit down, slide up the ladder and repeat. Reverse it to come down.

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