Gemini 105M - Apply for maritime FCC Licenses so we can travel in international waters

I just finished applying for my FCC licenses for our boat, Freedom. This was more of an involved process that you realize but overall once you figure it out, not so bad.

Everything starts at this web address

The first step is register for your FRN number. This is the 10 digit number that will be associated with any licenses that you have and tell the FCC what your contact information is. Once you have the number, you then need to apply for both a SA which is the Ships license which will cover you for your VHF and if you have one, your shortwave radio. In addition, you need a RR which is the Restricted Operator license. The SA licenses the radio/s to be aboard your vessel and the RR licenses you to talk on the radios. All of this came from an FCC representative whom I talked to just to ensure what I was doing was correct. When all said and done, you spent $160 on the SA and another $60 on the operators licence.

See you in the Bahamas' and Mexico!

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