Viewing the Holding Tank, or How much room is left?

While I had the shelf off, I decided I didn't like not knowing how full the holding tank was. At times we have 4-6 people on the boat for a long weekend and it has filled up. Instead of installing an access hatch cover, I decided to use some 1/4" plexi that I had and simply install a view port. The picture to the right shows the setting I used on the rotozip cutter to cut the access hole. I also put a metal cookie sheet between the plywood on the inside and the holding tank in case something slipped.
It didn't slip and I ended up using a utility knife to cut a couple of places that didn't cut completely through.
I sanded the plexi and the bulkhead and then used 5200 along with 4 screws to hold this into place. Once I screwed it down, I put 5200 along the outside. I then screwed the top shelf back on and used 5200 to seal it back up as well. I ended up with my washdown pump access, holding tank viewport and all water tight again. I checked the holding tank that night by putting a flashlight pointed up behind the head in the access area and you can look into the sail locker and see just how much s?#* stuff you have in the tank.

Truthfully, I don't use this much. I think if I was doing it again I would put in an access hatch.

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