Winterization - Gemini 105 M

I don't remember where this list started. I wish I did so I could give the previous author credit. I have modified it to fit our boat. Without it, I would be almost lost each year. I have placed a Word file on the site in case you want to download it and then modify it for your boat. WInterizing Freedom

After a person on the net let me know where the drain plug was for the antifreeze on the engine, I thought I would take a picture so it would be easy to see for everyone. I have the Westerbeke 30B engine.

I couldn't find out how to drain the antifreeze from the engine and refresh it. Therefore I asked the list serve and they provided the answer. Actually, the answer was right in front of me. As you can see, the bolt which is bretling replica just to the left of the top of the oil filter is the way to drain the antifreeze from the engine. I took the bolt out and then used my wet vacuum to pull the antifreeze from the engine. Don't forget to take off the fill cap. When you put the antifreeze back in at a 50/50 mixture, it will take patience. It seemed like it took forever to refill.


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