Whalers Catch Remoulade

A few days before we left, Deb and I had lunch in Paducah, KY at Whalers Catch. Deb ordered a crab cake and it had a very good remoulade on it. I am always looking for a good remoulade for either crab cakes or salmon cakes that I cook. This one fit the bill and I was able to talk them out of there recipe. Lucky me and perhaps, lucky you. Of course, you and I have to ratio their recipe down.

3 pints Mayo
1 pint Horseradish
Catsup for color
Creole Mustard

I of course would also add Tabasco to taste to finish it off but it was very good without it.

Jim's Verson for Two

So, this is the recipe I made tonight (Oct 23rd) which was a much reduced version to use on the crab cakes I made. This is what I did and it was GREAT.

About 6 tbsp of Mayo
1 tbsp Horseradish
1 tbsp spicy mustard
6 shakes of Tabasco
and about 2 tbsp of Catsup but that may vary to get the right color. It needs to be a deep pink.

Trust me, this is a repeat remoulade and I will use it on Salmon Cakes too.


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