Grilled Salmon with Rice and Beans on the Side

I've been thinking about more recipes since we have been to the Bahamas. We are pretty tired of canned chicken. So, I dreamed up this dish of grilled salmon and a bunch of stuff for the side.

First the salmon. Purchase any salmon you would like, score it about 1/4 of the way down and then marinate it in about a 1/4 cup of soy sauce, a tablespoon of liquid smoke, two tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of garlic, and some seafood seasoning. This needs to sit in the refrigerator for about an hour. While you saute the side dish, spray the grill with some oil and then start grilling the salmon. It should take about 12 minutes to grill depending on the thickness of the salmon.

The side dish is the one I've been working on. First, cut up one shallot, two green onions, one stalk of celery, 1/4 green pepper, 1/4 yellow squash, and one portebello mushroom. Next, drain a can of black beans and get out a package of prepared rice. Saute the onions, celery, and pepper in olive oil. Once they are ready, add the squash, mushroom, 1/3 can of black beans and a half of a package of rice. Cover and let simmer. You should turn it occasionally. By the way, you probably should put in a bit of garlic, creole seasoning, and pepper. (There is salt in the creole seasoning so you don't need to add salt.) Of course if you don't like creole seasoning, add something you really like.

These will all come together at the same time and it is delicious. Plate the dish and have a great glass of wine with a wonderful dish.

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