Jim's Seafood Pasta

This is a recipe we've developed over the last six months. If you like a variety of seafood and various vegetables with pasta, you will love this one. It is also nice because you can use as much or little Pesto as you would like to favor the dish.

Shopping List

Pesto, Artificial Crab, Shrimp, Seafood Filets (Tilapia is great), Red and Green Bell Pepper, Yellow Onion, Mushrooms (canned or fresh, portabellos are great), Can of quartered artichokes packed in water, French Bread

Sizes of portions will dictate how much of each you will use. I will create a recipe for about 4 people here.

Put on a pan of water and start it to boiling for the pasta, add some salt and olive oil to the water.

Dice 1/2 of the onion, 1/2 the Red and Green Pepper. Saute these in olive oil. I usually add some garlic, salt, and pepper too.
While these are cooking, drain the artichokes, clean and cut the mushrooms (if fresh), peel the shrimp and cut the crab to the size of your liking. Prepare the french bread for garlic bread and warm your oven or get the broiler ready.
When the onions and peppers are cooked down, add the artichoke hearts along with 3-4 tablespoons of pesto, when they are almost finished, add the mushrooms.
Finally, season the fish with seafood seasoning and then add the crab, shrimp and fish to the top of the mixture and cover it so it can cook for the next 10 minutes.

Put the garlic bread into the oven or under the broiler - if under the broiler, keep an eye on it so it won't burn. It doesn't have to be hot to be good with this dish.
Depending upon the type of pasta you are cooking, put it in the boiling water so it will come out about a minute before the fish is done. Drain the pasta, add some olive oil so it won't stick and plate the dishes. Next add the seafood and veggies to the pasta and enjoy it.

The garlic bread goes great with this.




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