John Gerwitz and his 2004 Forest Park Bike Ride

Every year John holds a bike ride. They have been in the Central West End, downtown St. Louis and this year, Forest Park. What a great park! This year we were to start at the Boathouse, however, it seems the park rangers didn't agree. We had to move from the parking lot to the street. With that done the brunch began and then off on the ride. John always gives us some information along the way and of course there is always more food and drink. Only two accidents this year with over 50 bikers. The ride went from 10 am until 8:30 pm when it moved to Tom's Bar and Grill with the stragglers. As always, thanks to John for getting everyone together.
























Thanks for the memories. I didn't get everyone but I hope I represented the group. Thanks for coming.

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