Cape Airshow July 2003

An opportunity of a lifetime, the airshow director had already told me to keep my plane away from the fighters and the P-51 Mustang. I begged, although that didn't help. As I was taking pictures from afar, a guy in a uniform walked up. The F-18 pilot. He wanted to see MY plane. So after trying to get him to swap rides, which he wouldn't do - what's wrong with him? -, then I asked him if I could pull my plane up and get a picture. He said, "Sure, you paid for it and your plane couldn't hurt mine anyway." He was right on both counts. So, that's how I was able to get this picture of my plane next to an F-18. We compared notes on stick force and it seems the KR is different because of the difference in the response between the pitch and the roll axis. Regardless, it was a great day and I am looking forward to going down next year and staying the day.    

I parked next to the Blackhawk and that was cool too. They didn't even know there was an airshow at Cape scheduled for the day. They have been taking helicopters up to be painted and bringing them back. Seems the paint shop isn't as busy currently since we still have a semi war going on. It will be busy when they get back however. Anyway, I got to talk to two great pilots of the Blackhawk and I showed them my plane and  they explained their equipment to me and their maintenance technician was interested too. This was just too cool of a day. ( I didn't get pictures of the Yellow Book aerobatic pilot who also came over to talk airplanes, again this is a great show to get to talk to people you would never meet at Oshkosh.)

I'll be back next year!