KR Gathering 2004 Mt. Vernon, IL

I had a great time at the KR Gathering this year. In preparation, I drove to Mt. Vernon to drop off my PA system on Thursday evening and KR's were already at the airport.. Two from California, one was Richard with what I believe is one of the best KR's ever built. The other, Steve was judged as the best of show for this year. I flew back over Friday morning and had a great time during the weekend. I gave a few rides to people that say they will be finishing within 2 months, I hope they fly safe.

Besides being the largest attendance of KRs at a Gathering, there are new KR's coming out of the shops that are setting a new standard for the KR. I was proud of what I did with my KR and how long it held up. However, once you show that something can be done at a standard, someone will always rise to the occasion and beat the standard with technological improvements or just because they have learned from everyone that has gone before. I am truly happy the new KR's being introduced continue to give the KR a good name and I will be excited to see the rest of the new crop coming out of the shops over the next few years.

Unlike many, I didn't take the time to get everyone's names. I was giving a few rides and talking to old friends, regardless, I did put some pictures here to remember the Gathering by.
















I didn't get a few pictures such as Chris and Owen who flew in from Canada because they came in late on Saturday and I left early on Sunday. Overall, it was a great flyin and what a great bunch of people. The Gathering will be in Mt. Vernon again next year which should prove to be another large group of planes and people. To find out more you can go to the KR Gathering Web Site.

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