Oshkosh 2002
After deciding a trip to Oshkosh for 2002 and the 30th anniversary of the KR was in order, I received a call from Jeanette Rand to ask if I would make a presentation at the Fly-In. I agreed and I had a great time putting it together and meeting the wonderful people that came to Oshkosh. I spent most of the week at the plane talking about the KR and engines or at Steve Bennett's booth.  I had a great time with Steve, Linda and Marti Roberts who flew up for the event as well. In the end, Marti helped my confidence out and we flew out together at about 700-1,000 feet under the clouds and around the rain. We headed north west, then west and after flying around numerous rain cells we landed for fuel. We took off again at about 700 feet and headed south where we finally were able to gain some altitude. The trip up was about 2 1/2 hours and the trip home was about 5 1/2 hours. It was a great trip and I plan on returning in 2003.

Entering the Front Gate at Oshkosh 2002

   Steve at my plane.

 Linda and Scott at the Great Plains booth in process of being set up.

 The crowd grew quickly at the beginning of the event.

 Scott came up with Steve and Linda.

We met quite a few people at the plane. This was a wonderful spot.

 The "super KR" was just a few lines away from where Marti and I were parked. The builder upscaled the plane. Lots of interesting additions and modifications. Although this isn't a typical KR, it does give me quite a bit of confidence in the super structure of the basic plane.

 A gentleman came up while I was at the plane and he showed me this picture of how he got his plane out of his basement after he built it. I just had to take a picture of his picture.

 I couldn't help but notice the detail work on the Griz. I think this is a good point, get the project done, if Rutan doesn't believe it has to be perfect, why do we?

 This is the engine on the X-Rocket. I have to say, this was one of the coolest experiences at Oshkosh. I was able to talk to the engineer that designed this rocket and he explained what their objectives were - reliability vs power and a few flights. It seems to me that only at Oshkosh could you get this experience.

 I had my wife going, I told her that I had an opportunity to build another plane and based on the information I had and the time, I I should be able to make about $15,000 in 2 years by building and selling it. It was only going to be a $30,000 investment and since the stock market was doing so bad that I felt that this was our best bet at a return on investment. I had her going for about a day and a half. Steve and Linda both thought I was taking it a bit too far. They were probably right! It was pretty funny but then again, the price we pay for having fun. The plane in the picture is the one I showed her when I got home.

 We found this KR tri-gear down at the campgound.

I was honored to present the history of the KR along with a presentation about the flight characteristics of the KR. The 30th anniversery was a nice event.

Jeannette provided a number of awards for the event.

 The KR singers and "dancers" sang the KR song at the event. I think they Hate Sanding.

 Marti and I had an interesting trip home. At this point the weather had cleared and we separated heading our separate directions. Marti to Tulsa, OK and I'm off to St. Louis, MO.

Anyone who says that the KR won't carry luggage should look at this picture. I had my guitar, laptop computer, folding chair and all the related clothes and junk for a week at Oshkosh. Next year, I'm traveling a bit lighter.

 At Oshkosh 2003, we will again park in the automotive engine section. I will plan on arriving early to miss the crowd in the air. Hopefully we will be able to all park together.