Oshkosh 2003
Since I presented at Oshkosh last year, the EAA provided an opportunity to speak again at AirVenture 2003, the 100th anniversery of flight. I replied and we were accepted to present again this year. To add variety, I asked for and have received some help with the presentation that you can read about below.
Title of the Presentation: KR Aircraft - History, Building and Flying  
Description of Presentation: This presentation will outline the 31 year history of the KR, describe the building process, the flying characteristics and will include a handout of an article on how to land the KR. The presentation will utilize PowerPoint and will be rich in pictures. At the end of the presentation, there will be a question answer session with all of the pilots in attendance.
Date of Presentation: Wednesday July 30, 2003  -  2:30 PM - 3:45 PM. 10 US TOOLS Pavilion
EAA Web Page describing the presentation: KR Aircraft - History, Building and Flying
KR's Flying In - We will plan to park in the automotive engine area again this year. This area is right below the contol tower. Weather permitting, I plan on flying in on Sunday. I look forward to seeing a number of KR's at the big show.
Ken Rand Memorial Plaque - A number of KR people donated their money to place a bronze plaque in memory of Ken Rand on the Memorial Wall at EAA. The ceremonies will be at the Memorial Wall Sunday August 3rd at 11:00 am. There will also be a biography and photo page inserted into the Memories Album located in the Fergus Chapel next to the Memorial Wall.

If you are interested, the EAA AirVenture Home Page is linked on the right 

I presented at Oshkosh last year and decided that it would add more value if a person could be identified that would describe the building process better than I do. It seems that I've forgotten about as much as I remember. I couldn't think of anyone better qualified than Mark Langford to help out and he graciously accepted the challenge. Mark has presented a number of times at the KR Gatherings and is a recognized expert in the construction process. Mark Langford's KR-2S page, with more information on KR's than anyone else's page in the world, can be viewed at http://home.hiwaay.net/~langford/

I got to know Chris Gardiner, from Canada, over the years at the KR Gatherings. Chris flew his KR into Red Oak Iowa to last years Gathering. He has a beautiful plane and Chris also accepted my invitation to describe his plane and help with the question and answer part of the forum.

Although I didn't twist Steve Bennett's arm to help from Great Plains Aircraft, he is presenting two forums at Oshkosh this year. Steve has been a long time supporter of the KR and host of the 2002 KR Gathering and will be the host of the 2003 Gathering as well. His forums are listed to the right.

June 11, 2003 9:45 PM NEWS Steve just got notified that he will also be doing VW engine assembly workshops, 4 hours each, on Wednesday and Saturday. Both are at 1 PM. Look for forthcoming details in a few weeks on the EAA Web Site.

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The 2003 KR Gathering will be in Red Oak Iowa, you can view that site at http://www.krgathering.org/

Visit the web home of the KR http://fly-kr.com/ 

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