KR-2   N891JF

This picture was taken on the day my plane was first certified. This was a great day!

This picture was taken by Mark Langford at the KR Gathering in Red Oak Iowa in 2002. See you there in 2003

I had a great time at Oshkosh in 2002. I was able to present the history of the KR Forum, help Steve in the Great Plains Aircraft booth and I was able to spend it with my friends in the KR community. We had some weather getting out and the one KR pilot I know that gets out in all weather - Marti Roberts - flew with me as we skirted it all. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to fly up to Oshkosh and 5+ hours to get home. It was all worth it and I'm planning on going back in 2003.

This picture is one of Marti on my wing on the way home.   More pictures at Oshkosh in 2002. Also, we are going back in 2003. I've put in an application to speak again about the KR so we will keep you up to date on the Oshkosh 2003 page.

How could I have a KR page without a picture of the pilots singing the KR song. If you've never made it to a KR Gathering, this next year in Red Oak should be a good one again.

An informational article I wrote a number of years ago is available from a number of sources on the net. I included it here as well. I have tried to describe the phases of landing the KR as I see them in my airplane. Please use your judgement and modify based on your aircraft and your experiences. The "Perfect" Landing - In a KR?

Many people have used the Posa "Carb" in the past and most have had difficulties. After several discussions with Dan Diehl and Steve Bennett, I determined a way to tune the carb and correct the design problems associated with it. I may be the only person to have a Posa that is happy with it once these changes were made. Tuning the Posa "Carb"

I have found that statically timing an engine is not effective. Read about what I found and what you should do to time your engine. Timing a VW